Study after study has revealed that owning—or even just bonding with a pup—can improve your health. Make sure that you’re giving back to your canine companion with lots of love, regular doctor visits, and even a little daily immune support with colloidal silver.

How do pets help us? Owning a dog may cut your risk of premature death by up to a third. Part of that is likely related to the fact that petting and loving a pet may help lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease, lower stress and anxiety levels, and even boost/stimulate the immune system. In children, being around dogs can lower the risk of asthma, eczema, and potentially other autoimmune issues.

Some of the good effects can be attributed to psychological (and chemical) reactions. Interacting with dogs releases the feel good/love hormone oxytocin, which is used for bonding. Boosting oxytocin levels correlates with several beneficial health outcomes, especially when it comes to mental health, making us more resilient to depression and anxiety.

Other benefits are just the basic lifestyle changes that come with owning a dog, like going for walks and spending more time outdoors. Even a mild increase in physical activity can have huge health benefits (and it’s never too late in life to make those changes).

With all the dogs offer us, make sure to give back. Don’t skip your yearly vet visit. Remember the old adage about dog years, and how they age faster than us? That actually makes dog healthcare a little trickier, because a lot more is happening (including aging) during that year.

In addition to regular care, you can go above and beyond by adding a drop or two of colloidal silver to your pet’s water bowl. Dogs can get flu, Lyme Disease, and other illnesses just like humans (and both dog flu and Lyme Disease are spreading rapidly!). Outdoor dogs may benefit in particular, and it will even help keep the water in the bowl a little more fresh for them (especially on warm days that could encourage bacteria growth).

Enjoy all that your pets give to you, and give back with extra support from colloidal silver.

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