How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take?

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Copper is an essential nutrient available in different kinds of supplements. While your body needs it and may not be getting enough, that doesn’t mean you can take an unlimited amount of copper! It’s essential to find an answer to “how much colloidal copper should I take?” that’s right for you!

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So let’s look at copper and the different things going into answering the question “how much colloidal copper should I take?”.

Copper, An Essential Nutrient

Copper is a mineral used throughout your body. Copper helps the body with oxygen, it supports firm tissue (from your skin to your arteries), and having enough may even support signs of beauty, like hair color and firm skin.

While you should get copper from your diet, not everyone’s diet is healthy, and even healthy diets can be lacking. Shellfish, nuts, seeds, and organ meat are good sources of copper—but these aren’t daily staples for everyone. Sometimes poor environmental conditions or raising animals poorly can impact the nutrients we get, too!

One answer to getting more copper is colloidal copper. It’s just pure copper nanoparticles suspended in water—perfect for adding and measuring the amount of copper in your diet.

So let’s look more at “how much colloidal copper should I take?”.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take with MY Genes?

A key consideration when deciding how much colloidal copper should I take is your genes.

For most people, if they eat a little extra copper, their body will expel it in bile. A small number of people have a genetic difference that makes them hold onto copper and have trouble getting rid of it, and they should not seek out any extra copper. People with a family history of any sort of copper disorder should decide “how much colloidal copper should I take?” with a doctor.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take in General?

For most people who have no specific copper related disorders, there’s a decent safety range answering the question “How much colloidal copper should I take?”. Adults need at least 900 μg (.9 mg) of copper a day, but can take up to 10 mg. Pregnant or nursing women need a bit more than the minimum.

Now that there’s a range, how much colloidal copper should I take? That depends on how you feel. Often, when we have low energy and other vague feelings of fatigue we talk about iron levels, but your copper levels are important for energy too! 

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take with My Diet?

If your diet includes lots of copper-rich foods like shellfish, nuts and seeds, or organ meat, you likely need to supplement less.

Someone who needs to take more colloidal copper even with a healthy diet may not eat copper-rich foods everyday, may have trouble with nutrient absorption in general, or may be working to improve a known deficiency.

Ultimately, answering “how much colloidal copper should I take?” will be personal, based on your hisotry, your diet, and how you feel.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take Alongside Other Supplements?

There should not be a problem taking colloidal copper with other supplements.

If you are taking other supplements containing copper, the labels should tell you how much colloidal copper you are taking. If it’s a high quality supplement, you can even trust the label to be accurate (low-quality supplements are more filler than nutrients and often fail third party tests checking the label and actual contents).

An Alternative to “How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take?”

If you want the benefits of copper for your skin, consider a colloidal copper spray.

Many people have said that copper is the secret to supporting skin as it ages so that it can defy wrinkling, sagging, and more for a little bit longer.

A colloidal copper spray is direct support for your skin without the work of figuring out the dietary aspect and wonder “how much colloidal copper should I take?”. Still, copper (and anything in creams, lotions, and even perfumes) get absorbed through your skin, so always use common sense and monitor how you’re feeling.

Now that you have a sense of “how much colloidal copper should I take?”, you can support your health with colloidal copper or colloidal copper spray.


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