Immune Health: A Brief Overview on the Functions of the Immune System

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When talking about immune health and how to boost your immune system using immune supplements, it’s helpful to know a little about your immune system and how it works. You may already know a little, like it’s important to have a high T Cell count, and some diseases, like HIV/AIDS, lower that count, that the probiotics in your digestive system help to keep you healthy, or that various organs, such as the liver and spleen, help to filter and destroy foreign elements from your system.

Your immune system keeps you healthy by protecting you from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens that get into your body. Supporting your immune health means 1) making sure your body’s various parts have the vitamins, minerals, and other building blocks they need to function not only properly, but optimally, and 2) including antioxidants in your diet, which supplement the immune system by stopping production of free radicals, which damage cells.

In protecting you from bacteria and all the other pathogens that threaten your health, your skin is your first defense. Your skin is not only a barrier but it has some defenses against the collection of bad bacteria. First, there are good bacteria which compete to keep out bad bacteria, and second there is sweat which is released through the skin, whose acidity reduces the growth of negative bacteria. MesoCopper is a useful in promoting healthy skin, as copper is essential for the production of cuproenzymes, one of which, lysel oxidase, is used for cross-linking collagen and elastin, which make connective tissue strong and flexible. MesoCopper contains no copper ions, making it safe to use, and is also available in a Mesocopper Skin Conditioner spray.

When you eat something, it’s your liver’s job to filter it. It may take several passes for your liver to remove something (like alcohol) from the bloodstream, so it’s important that you take care of your liver so that it can function as efficiently as possible. Detoxing your liver of the toxins that collect there is a great way to support your liver’s health and function. Liver DTX provides the nutrients your body needs to support healthy liver function. To detoxify your liver, there’s the Liver CLNz Pack, which is a 7-day regimen of the amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants needed for liver detoxification.

Then there’s the lymph system. Most famously, there are your adenoids (pharyngeal tonsils) and your tonsils (palentine tonsils). Your adenoids are located where the nose meets the mouth, and your tonsils are in the back of your mouth, past the uvula, in your throat. You also have lingual tonsils behind your tongue. Your tonsils are made of lymphatic tissue and are responsible for preventing upper respiratory infections caused by inhaled antigens. The lymph system is key in preventing, fighting, and diagnosing cancer. It removes/destroys pathogens and damaged and old blood cells.

The lymph system circulates the liquid lymph, which is made from the liquid surrounding your cells responsible for passing waste and nutrients to your cells (called interstitial fluid), as well as white blood cells and fat. The lymph system circulation comes from your movements, so stretching, exercising, and otherwise being active is good for you as it makes the system circulate and therefore able to carry out its filtration processes. After filtering the lymph fluid, it returns cells to the bloodstream and interstitial fluid.

The spleen filters both blood and the lymph system, so people without a spleen are more susceptible to infections. Your spleen contains T cells, a type of white blood cell that is trained to recognize which bits floating around are foreign, and which bits belong to you. Foreign pathogens trigger an immune response, where the T cells tell another type of white blood cell, the B cell to create specific antibodies that attach to the virus so it can get filtered out. When a pathogen (like a virus) is found the Complement System responds by sending protein complexes in the blood to destroy cells. These proteins generally originate in the liver.

A weakened immune system leaves you susceptible to illness, so support the organs, tissues, and cells that make up your immune system. It’s important to get your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals; a general supplement such as Welltrient One is great for providing the nutritional co-factors that are necessary for your body to function. Like antioxidants, MesoSilver is great support for your immune system. It’s all natural and fights pathogens on contact.

Remember to talk to your doctor when making dietary changes or suspecting a severe illness.

By Emma Spera

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