No longer just a way to chide those who whine, man flu is real, according to some research. Flu symptoms may be more severe in men, justifying that extra rest and complaining that’s alluded to by the term “man flu”.

The research found that men are more likely to be hospitalized for flu, and some surveys found they’re symptoms felt more severe. Backing it up is the fact that testosterone is an immunosuppressant, meaning it weakens the immune system, and leaves men more at risk of illnesses like flu. There is one man/woman caveat: age. Senior men and teenages and younger are most likely to suffer severe flu symptoms, while in between it’s women who are more likely to be hospitalized and have severe symptoms.

The flu can mean severe symptoms for anyone with a weakened immune system, not just men. Beyond sex and age, other things that weaken the immune system include chronic conditions and other illnesses, genetic predispositions, and just a bad day (not enough sleep before you get sick).

You can strengthen your immune system with all the cornerstones of good health: a healthy diet, enough sleep, exercise, all the things you already know you should do. You can also strengthen your immune system with colloidal silver.

Flu symptoms include fever, aches, fatigue, coughing, and chest pain. Flu is a respiratory illness like colds that comes on hard and fast, and that has much more severe symptoms than other diseases (which is why having a weakened immune system and the flu is such a big deal!).

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