Old Friends With Red WineA 2 year study looking at Resveratrol’s effects on the mind was just completed, and it had unusually strong results.

Researchers followed people in their 70s for 2 years, who each took two daily, large doses of Resveratrol. The study focused on how Resveratrol affected their risk for Alzheimer’s, but found that it improved multiple aspects of their health.

First, their memory. One of the physical effects of Alzheimer’s is that amyloid-beta40 (found in cerebrospinal fluid) levels decrease, and become insoluble plaque in the brain (the buildup of which is associated with memory loss). Resveratrol helped stabilize amyloid-beta40 levels, which researchers speculate as being tied to sirtuins, a protein otherwise stimulated by low-calorie diets.

But it wasn’t just memory: the group in the study who got Resveratrol had other positive health effects, including losing weight, and a lower rate of cancer.

It’s not the first study to find exciting results for Resveratrol, either. Past studies have found a strong, positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and that it even works to counter some of the effects of aging and high-calorie diets.

Where does Resveratrol come from? Found in red grapes, (and red wine), dark grapes, and other foods, it’s thought to be one of the key compounds that make a mediterranean diet so healthy.

If you find yourself eating a standard American diet, or just needing a boost (because a healthy diet can fail us a couple of ways—nutrient deficient soil growing nutrient deficient (and flavorless) food, and our bodies not doing as well at absorbing nutrients as we age), you can get more easily absorbed Resveratrol in your diet with Longevity Antioxidant Formula. It features resVida—AKA Resveratrol that was featured in the clinical study on heart health!

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