Research is pursuing Resveratrol as a possible means to fight aging. While lots of good things are already known about Resveratrol, like it helps prevent free radical damage, is already linked to longevity, weight loss, and diabetes support, this new research is showing a lot more of what Resveratrol may be capable of.

According to new research done with mice, Resveratrol cleared dysfunctional cells, which could potentially lead to a 15% extension of life expectancy, and that other cells could be changed by Resveratrol to look younger. Studying a similar (read: patentable and therefor profitable) molecule, it was also shown to impact cancer cells.

You can get Resveratrol in your diet naturally—it’s found in the skin of dark grapes (so, also red wines). It’s been suggested that it plays a factor in the good health of the French, since it’s a big part of their diet.

With an increasing amount of studies showing the benefits of Resveratrol, it’s worth adding to your diet. But if you want to avoid the alcohol content of wine, or the sugar content of grapes, consider adding Resveratrol in supplement form. Longevity Formula has Resveratrol as well as two berries rich in powerful antioxidants: Acai, and Maqui berries. The compounds in Acai berry help fight free radicals, protecting cellular health. Maqui berry is known for being the most powerful antioxidant source in the world, and may help with digestion, skin, and more.

While the new research on Resveratrol isn’t definitive (and wasn’t done on humans), past studies (including clinical human trials) have shown that it really packs a punch. Don’t miss out on some of the best nature has to offer, add Resveratrol to your day with Longevity Formula.

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