It may seem obvious, but it takes time for studies to confirm things, and they’re getting more specific all the time. So here’s an old truth, confirmed: how well our memory works is tightly wound up with sleep, age, and mood. While past studies have looked at general parts of this picture, a new one finds that it’s all jumbled together, and that if you pull one string, the whole That’s one reason it’s important to make sure you get a good night’s rest each night, with natural help, if you need it, from our Sleep Support Pack.

According to this new study, it goes a little like this: your working memory, which is critical to who you are and how you function on a daily basis (it’s short term memory, language use, intelligence, planning, and more) is impacted by sleep and age each a little differently—age tends to wear down the quality of our memory, wearing down accuracy, for instance, while lack of sleep makes making any memories difficult. The worse our memory is functioning (on either account) lead to a worse mood (and potentially a feedback loop of less sleep, and a harder impact from growing old).

There’s still some debate on the best ways to mitigate age-related memory decline, probably because there are so many ways age, genes, and accumulated lifestyle habits impact memory. We know good eating and exercising help most people, though, so don’t let uncertainty stop you from taking action. And researchers are pretty positive about the impacts of sleep, so make sure you’re getting more rest, starting tonight!

Sleep Support Pack combines Nite MGR, with herbs that are known for supporting falling and staying asleep as well as a little melatonin, with Cal Mag Complete, a mineral supplement that replenishes your body’s reserves so it can complete its nightly tasks. Giving your body the blocks it needs to rebuild, complete tasks, and function better overall is the best, most logical first step you can take to better health, and health, mood, and memory are all tied to sleep!


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