Stay Protected in the Sun this Summer

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Are you using enough sunscreen? Are you putting it on correctly? Make sure you’re protecting your skin this summer—it’s the perfect example of the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. And if you mess up and get sunburned, make sure to support your skin as it heals with colloidal silver.

How much is enough? If you haven’t read the directions on your sunscreen bottle recently, the answer may surprise you. One bottle of sunscreen shouldn’t last a full summer if you’re using enough. Of course, how much depends on your size and how much is exposed, but most sunscreens recommend a generous tablespoon for each region. And make sure to follow the other directions, too, like getting sunscreen on 15 minutes before you need it, reapplying every few hours and after swimming, and to rub in spray sunscreens.

Get it everywhere. In a world where the younger generations have been raised to wear sunscreen and with a heightened awareness of skin cancer, the places we miss are the most likely to still be at risk for cancer. The bottoms of feet, around the edges of clothes (especially straps)… and thoroughly around your eyes, lips, and nose.

Your bottom lip, along the eyelashes, and in the corner of your eye are all at greater risk because the skin is thinner and people are less likely to consistently get sunscreen there. Eyelids alone grow 5-10% of skin cancers! Worried about getting it in your eyes? Physical sunblocks sting less than chemical sunscreens (you’ll also find more options with safe ingredients when choosing sunblock). Rub it on all over, then double up protection with a big pair of UV rated sunglasses.

After sun care is important, too. Each sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer, so make sure to mitigate that risk by supporting a healthy recovery from sunburn. Use aloe and other skin supporting plants (some people like coconut oil, but it depends on skin type), and use a colloidal silver spray to support healing. Silver is known to support skin, especially burned skin, and can also be found on creams and bandages sold for burns—but you’ll get more, high-quality silver with a colloidal silver spray.

Keep your skin healthy this summer with a little bit of prevention and support from colloidal silver.


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