It’s easy to take our vision for granted, after all, human development and life is largely based around it that we can be so deeply lost in what we’re seeing we forget to stop and give our eyes a little TLC. Afterall, this winter, you’re likely to make sure to rub lotion on your hands, soak sore muscles, and continue other health practices like teeth brushing, sinus rinses, etc. Give your eyes a little of your focus with some supportive vision supplements like Vision PWRx! Here are some other ways your eyes need regular care:

Don’t forget your sunglasses, even in winter. You know how sun can age skin, burn skin, and cause wrinkles or worse, skin cancer. It’s just as hard on your eyes! Don’t leave home without protection. Even cloudy days can have lots of harmful UV light.

Winter isn’t the only cause of dry eyes. Staring at a screen causes you to blink less! If you have dry winter eyes, make sure your phone isn’t making it worse–remind yourself to blink more.

In addition, be sure to stretch your eyes! When you’re reading, take breaks to focus on far off objects the same way you might stretch your back or roll your shoulders occasionally.

Diet can also support eye health. In fact, a healthy diet with lots of antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent eye diseases as we age (like glaucoma and cataracts).

To help make sure your diet is always eye-balanced and supportive, Vision PWRx vision supplement provides a daily dose of eye supporting nutrients.


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