The benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t revolutionary, we’ve known about them in a broad sense for a long time. As science has given us more tools to track and understand nutrients and the body, we’ve come to understand that Omega-3s are even more important than we thought, supporting heart, mind, and eyes, helping with aging, inflammation, and so much more. DHA and EPA have gotten a lot of attention for their role in brain health and development, and studies are exploring how much krill oil impacts health risks.

While a super healthy diet might snag enough Omega-3s, the average American diet not only falls short, it skews to completely imbalanced as it loads up on Omega-6 fatty acids from fried and processed foods.

Get the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids by including them in your daily diet. A good way to make sure you get them each and every day is with a supplement, and the best one for increasing your daily Omega-3 is with Krill Oil.

With Krill Oil, you’re supporting your brain (including mood!) your central nervous system and eye health, heart health (including cholesterol!), skin health (against aging and hard use), and it even supports stomach health.

Not only does Krill Oil support stomach health, it’s actually easier on the stomach than alternatives like fish oil, which can cause upset stomach and gas. Easier to digest, Krill oil has fewer contaminants than fish oil and is far more renewable since krill are so low on the food chain (and Deep Ocean Krill Oil is sustainably harvested!).

If you aren’t using Krill Oil to help meet your daily need of Omega-3 fatty acids, today’s a good day to start by ordering Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

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