Your heart needs care just like the more visible parts of you. We obsess over skin, weight, hair, and other minor details, but what we can’t see should get special attention, too.

Exercise, rest (fighting stress), a healthy antioxidant rich diet, and more help boost heart health. But little habits can build up to better heart health, too.

Keep sleep ample and consistent. Too little sleep taxes your heart, and inconsistency can also lead to more heart stress. You can even make things more gentle with a better alarm that starts low and gradually gets louder. Pad a few minutes into the morning so you don’t have to jump out of bed, and make sure you’re sleeping well (breathing problems tax your heart, so a sleep study might be due if you feel tired after what you think was enough good sleep).

Eating slow and stopping when you’re full can help ease the tax on your heart, and avoiding food right before bed. It’s more work for your heart to digest while you’re sleeping, so leave time between eating and sleeping.

As you break throughout the day you can get more out of it with some heart supporting tea. Tea comes with some inherent stress busting benefits, but picking something like Jiaogulan can also mean benefits like a stronger heart with a more powerful beat (which some studies have shown) as well as supporting a healthy blood pressure.

Jiaogulan is an organic, caffeine-free herbal tea that grows in Southeast Asia where it’s known as the “tea of life”. It’s got an earthy taste and is a great way to end the day or break up the middle.

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