The Year’s Almost Over, Here’s to Many More


While bad health habits can drag us down quickly, good health habits can support a long and bright future. The big things like getting enough sleep and a generally healthy diet are almost so simple they’re just the opposite of bad habits. You can pick up more health points with a few simple good habit additions, here are a few ideas to get you started:0

-Really make sure you’re teeth are clean. Plaque causes so many problems beyond the mouth, really make sure you’re keeping your whole mouth clean with a little in-the-moment check here and there. It’s easy to be on auto-pilot and feel like you’re doing enough because you follow ADA guidelines, but really look at your form (are you missing a spot?) and watch out for other problems that might lurk (do you have tonsil stones?). If you take colloidal silver daily immune support already, you can get a little more from it with a quick gargle before swallowing for direct mouth support.

-Drink more tea. Jiaogulan is known as the tea of life, and has a long history detailing many possible benefits: heart health, stomach health, sleep, energy, and more. It’s caffeine free, so it’s easy to add a cup to your afternoon or evening for a calm moment without messing up your schedule. Think of it as adding another green to your diet, but in the form of a delicious drink.

-Do more well-wishing and give more to others. When we are helpful, kind people, it has an actual, tangible effect on our health. First, there’s a documented boost to our mood/state of mind. Over time, there are positive health benefits for the heart and other organs. Really. You can volunteer, or you can find small ways to insert random acts of kindness into your day.

What are your favorite good habits?


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