What Are the Most Common Uses for Colloidal Gold?


What is colloidal gold and what are colloidal gold uses? Only slightly less famous than immune supporting colloidal silver, colloidal gold is used to support the mind, the mind-body connection, and more.

If you’ve already tried colloidal gold, you may already have experienced colloidal gold benefits. But if not, you may want to try colloidal gold as a daily supplement for a month and see how it helps you.

What is Colloidal Gold?

Before we look at colloidal gold uses, what is colloidal gold? True, pure colloidal gold is simply this: the suspension of gold nanoparticles in pure water. You can identify a true colloid because it will colorfully reflect light: colloidal gold has a red-orange color.

Ionic solutions are unsafe, and can be identified by being clear, being advertised as temperamental/sold in glass, or having any ingredients other than nanogold and water.

High-quality colloidal gold contains small nanoparticles and a high ppm.

Common Uses for Colloidal Gold: Focus and Concentration

The most sought after use of colloidal gold is to support focus and concentration. We are all doing “things”, whether they’re business things, home organization things, school things, or hobbies. They’re ours—our work, our goals, our must-dos, our dreams. But reaching them requires focus and concentration every day.

You might have a lot of strategies for boosting your focus and concentration: meditation, exercise, to-do lists or apps. People taking colloidal gold use it as a passive way to help support their mind and enhance things like focus and concentration. No matter how much time you have for other pursuits, you can start each day with colloidal gold for mind support including focus and concentration.

Why do people use colloidal gold for mind support? They believe it helps support neurons and connection, boosting overall mental agility and health.

Common Uses for Colloidal Gold: Memory and Creativity

The next most common colloidal gold uses are supporting memory and creativity. Being at our sharpest is about more than focus and concentration, it’s also using that focus with memory and creativity.

Memory is more than where you put your keys, it’s recalling the right thing at the right time so you can reach the best result of whatever you’re doing. And creativity extends beyond just art and creating, every job is boosted by a little creative thinking, it helps us be more efficient and reach bigger, better heights of achievement.

Common Uses for Colloidal Gold: Mood and Energy

You may be less familiar with these colloidal gold uses, but many report that colloidal gold supports mood and memory.

Colloidal gold isn’t creating a big, fast, dramatic change; colloidal gold is just supporting good, quick functioning that helps us feel better and faster over time. How often does foggy brain play into having a bad mood? Focusing on being your sharpest helps to improve your mood, too.

Don’t compare colloidal gold’s uses to caffeine’s uses—this isn’t a sharp jump in energy; this is a subtle, healthy boost without the crash. The best way to use colloidal gold for mood and energy is by taking a little each day (building support over time) rather than as an occasional boost.

Common Uses for Colloidal Gold: Hand-Eye Coordination

Supporting a sharp mind has the added benefit of supporting the mind-body connection, potentially boosting hand-eye coordination.

Golfers, soccer players, artists, and more use colloidal gold to help support their reflexes/hand-eye coordination. If you need to make quick judgements, and if they need to be paired with a physical reaction, then you should focus on sharpening your hand-eye coordination.

Use colloidal gold alongside other activities that support hand-eye coordination like practice and reflex sharpening/quick-thinking activities.

Common Uses for Colloidal Gold: Joint Health (Arthritis)

Jumping into a slightly different area, there’s an almost separate group of people who use colloidal gold to support their joints. In the long history of colloidal gold uses, joint support might surprise you. It may be because colloidal gold has antioxidant properties, or it may be something else, but people use colloidal gold to support their joints, and there’s even been small forays into medicinal uses for colloidal gold along these lines!

If you want to explore colloidal gold uses for yourself, try taking colloidal gold each day for a month, or taking it to support yourself when you have big projects, presentations, or games to conquer.


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