Don’t struggle through winter with a runny nose at every cold snap and a reactive sneeze every time the heater kicks on, make sure that you’re prepared for it all with a Sinus Flooding Kit. There’s a lot that can make your nose and deep sinuses react and fill with mucus, making it hard to sleep, focus, or just present yourself.

A Sinus Flooding Kit contains everything you need to do a deep soak and clean of your sinuses out: colloidal silver, a nose bulb, and some xylitol to adjust the pH for comfort (plus instructions on how to put it all together). Thick congestion can be hard to get out with a daily rinse or blow, but a deep soak (or two if there’s infection) can loosen and remove the congestion and restore comfort.

There are other ways to stay comfortable, too. Cold and flu season has started, so make sure that there’s lots of hand washing throughout your day. Keeping it humid can also help prevent the spread of flu, and keep your sinus comfortable.

If you already do a daily sinus rinse for prevention, get more out of it with a boost from colloidal silver. Just add a little to your neti pot or nose bulb for some direct immune support.

Winter means more time indoors, which can mean more allergy triggers. Besides usual dusting and cleaning, make sure you’ve changed your filters recently and have fire and carbon monoxide detectors that work. And while an indoor candle can bring the smell of the holidays, or a fire can be magical, keep in mind the smoke will collect (to some degree depending on how aired out the space is) in your nose.

Get better sleep with a nose you can breath through. Make sure that you have a Sinus Flooding Kit ready for relief!

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Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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