Detox: Reducing Exposure Around the House



Cleanse!Your home should be your safe place. Unfortunately, a combination of factors may make it a source of exposure to toxins that could be impacting your health. From the ubiquitous presence of plastics to antiquated regulations, here’s how to reduce, then detox your exposure to household toxins.

What are the biggest risk factors? Clothing and furniture used to be subject to regulations that required they be doused in fire retardant (thanks, California, for mandating it so manufacturers everywhere had to follow the rule). Couches more than a few years old will still be made to those specifications, while newer purchases will come with the option to have none. In addition to flame retardant, materials that are spill proof (furniture or carpets) are also putting off chemicals. It’s recommended to keep food separate from all these chemicals (don’t eat off the floor or couch, basically).

In addition to fabrics, plastics are putting off more than we thought. While BPAs have been a known problem for over a decade (and haven’t been replaced by anything better, plastic-wise), microplastics, or tiny particles put off by all the plastics we are surrounded with, are contaminating our food, water, soil, and bodies. BPAs and other plastics are associated with things like inflammatory bowel disease, as hormone disruptors, and are correlated with several other chronic illnesses.

How can you fight back against these toxins? Start by paying attention to what you bring into your home—including keeping your air system and pipes clean and free of toxins (cheap testing kits and new filters can be found at your local home improvement store). Research materials for any major purchases, like couches, rugs, carpets, and wood.

If you want to detox your body, do it safely. Zeolite is something you add to your diet, rather than extreme fasting. Naturally occuring, Zeolite has a large, cage like structure that removes large cage-like structure that “catches” and removes large particles from the body. Make sure you’re adding the good stuff back in with a supplement like the mineral rich Humic and Fulvic acid.

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