Stomach CrampsYou can buy a bandage style treatment (covers it up, doesn’t really fix it) for any gastrointestinal issue you can name. Bloating? Constipated? Stomach cramps? But you’ll just keep experiencing the same troubles again and again, unless you really attack the problem. (And you’ll keep needing higher and higher doses if you’re using them at every meal).

The first step these days is to play with what you’re eating, but that won’t necessarily be enough. It doesn’t mean you should keep going until you’re at extremes, but that you might need to heal as well as change behaviors. (Think of if it were external—if your detergent is giving you a rash, you change detergents AND give it time to heal, not keep changing detergents aimlessly).

So, why not do both? When you support your gastrointestinal tract you’ll (usually) take care of the symptoms in short order. Colon CLNz will give you nutritional support while also encouraging healing and cleaning.

It’s formulated to:

-Help the mucus lining heal, (as well as soothe)
-Encourage detoxification (Drawing out toxins and old waste)
-Help strengthen muscles over time, as well as get them moving on any current backup you may have (Natural movement will help prevent hemorrhoids later on, too).

Keep in mind why natural, comprehensive colon support is important: if you target only one symptom, or take a drug that fixes just that one symptom, you might overdo it, and tip the scales to a different problem. You want your gastrointestinal tract to function all the way around so movement happens naturally and comfortably.

When are good times to take Colon CLNz?

-Take it right away to support yourself if you think you’re getting food poisoning or stomach flu.
-If you want to overcome chronic GI illness rather than pop chewables.
-If you want help regulating irritable bowel syndrome.

Support your health so you can experience chronic relief rather than cramps, ache, and forced pushing.


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