Nasal Infection? Now It’s Easier To Clear Out Goop

Child with finger in a nose.


Young woman using nasal drops, close up
Young woman using nasal drops, close up

Sinusitis, or a sinus infection, can be worse than a cold because the symptoms of a sinus infection actively impede going out, doing work, and feeling productive.

We’ve put together a new package to make it easier to do a sinus rinse, which many of you find alleviates some of the symptoms of a sinus infection. The Sinus Flooding Kit includes 2 bottles of MesoSilver, a nasal bulb, and individual packets of xylitol to make each sinus rinse easier.

Symptoms of a sinus infection include:

-Feeling like you have a head cold, PLUS:

Congestion is when the nasal infection causes your sinus cavities to fill up with grey-green or yellow mucus. This mucus then causes all sorts of trouble: sniffles, post-nasal drip (which can lead to a sore throat or stomach ache), and pressure or pain along the sinus cavities are some of the hallmarks of nasal infection, along with bad breath!

But many people have found it easier to get through a nasal infection (which isn’t always bad enough to warrant a sick day) by doing a sinus rinse.

A sinus rinse is when you pour a liquid into the sinus cavities while your head is hanging upside down, and then expel that liquid and most of the mucus (severe infections, like a fungal nasal infection, may require a few tries). Click Here for a walkthrough on how to do a sinus rinse.

This offers some relief to the sniffles and nose blowing, the throat drip/nausea, and may even aid breathing through the nose. It also helps you get through your day!

We put this package together to make sinus rinses easier for our customers


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