Parasites In Human Transplant Recipients?


After receiving a transplanted organ, immuno-suppressants are required to keep the body from rejecting the organ, and the transplant recipents must forever be careful of catching ill, because they don’t have the immune system to fight it.

So it’s hard to connect the dots between an illness acquired due to a weakened immune system, and one acquired from the organ received (the Hep C from two weeks ago was only caught because they finally read the charts). Unusually, an example has come up of a parasite infected donor infecting his recipients with the same parasites.

Parasite symptoms can be hard to spot in otherwise healthy individuals. Parasite worms, located in the bowels, are hard to distinguish between a case of food poisoning. But for people with a weakened immune system, parasite symptoms come on rapidly, and can quickly lead to death.

This is the unfortunate case of transplant recipients who received organs in 2009. Parasites are underdiagnosed, and aren’t something hospitals check for before a transplant (nor something they likely could check for).

In this case, however, the organ donor died of encephalitis, something that can be caused by extreme parasite symptoms, but it seems no one thought to check for parasites as a cause, and transmission occured.

Remember that parasites are surprisingly common, although cases like this are rare and most people aren’t in grave danger from parasite symptoms. You can help cleanse parasites from your body with ParaCLNz & DTX.

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