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When it comes to health support, there are so many rules and restrictions! Whether it’s natural, prescribed, or supplemental, you have to be careful with what you’re taking together, when you’re taking it, and how!

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Fortunately, colloidal products like colloidal gold and colloidal silver are easy! With no reported side-effects or interactions, there’s a lot of possibilities in how you can use colloidal gold and colloidal silver to support your health.

Does it seem too easy to be true? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the details on taking true colloidal gold and colloidal silver.

What are Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

It’s important to make one huge caveat before diving into all the ways you can use colloidal gold and colloidal silver—always make sure you’re starting with real colloidal gold and colloidal silver! Other products—ionic silver or gold, knock-offs, and inferior products that liken themselves to colloids don’t have the same standards.

And make sure you buy direct—third party sellers (including giant online retailers) have a huge problem with fake inventory that goes beyond the listed seller (they aren’t checking for fakes, and they ship whichever product is closest, no matter which seller it came from!).

True colloids reflect light off the suspended particles, and are colorful. The only ingredients should be water and pure nanosized particles.

Who Shouldn’t Take Colloidal Silver?

Also of note, some people have a relatively rare allergy to silver, and should not use colloidal silver. Usually, they will react to jewelry and already know they have a silver allergy. When in doubt, test on a small patch of skin or get a full allergy work-up.

Why Take Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

Support your mind with colloidal gold—it’s reported to boost focus, concentration, memory, energy, mood, and more.

Support your body with colloidal silver—it’s been used for centuries to support the immune system against pathogens, support skin, eye health, and more.

Colloidal gold and colloidal silver together are a great team-up for the mind and body. Work toward your overall wellness with this colloidal team. Both can be taken when, how, and in the amount you want—giving you the freedom to build the support you need.

Mix and Match Colloids like Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver

There’s no reason not to take colloidal gold and colloidal silver together, or with any other colloidal product, supplement, etc.!

While colloidal gold and colloidal silver generally support the mind and body, there are other colloids with their own benefits. Colloidal copper (for example) provides a necessary nutrient, offering extra support or the cardiovascular system, skin, and hair.

Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver: A Dream Team

Not only is there no reason not to take colloidal gold and colloidal silver at the same time, there’s plenty of reasons you should!

The general support colloidal gold and colloidal silver offer are great for everybody, whether you want general support or support to work through specific concerns.

Supporting our mind with colloidal gold is great no matter if you’re pushing to reach a goal, or just trying to make a smoother, more clear day-to-day life. And immune support isn’t just for those already sick—each day brings new experiences, and possibilities for illness—whether it’s a cut or scrape, and sneeze or cough, or food that’s a little questionable. We could all use a little more support in our corner!

Can You Take Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver at LITERALLY the Same Time?

In case you came here looking for a more literal answer, yes! Not only can you include both colloidal gold and colloidal silver in your supplement regime, you can literally take them both at the same time!

While it’s generally recommended to take them on an empty stomach (for better absorption), together is fine. And there’s no harm in taking them other ways, too. After all, if you sense you need a boost of support, don’t wait! Listen to your instincts and get the support you need when you need it.

Find Your Perfect Support with Colloids like Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver

Take what you want, when you want or need with colloidal gold and colloidal silver. Build up the support that’s right for you, whether you’re more focused on sharpening and supporting your mind, or backing up your immune system with tried and true colloidal silver.

Take colloidal gold and colloidal silver together, separate, or however you want.


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