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It’s a natural question: can you take colloidal gold and silver together? You’re probably used to commercials that offer you something to improve your health, and then rapidly spit-out a bunch of warnings, including not taking it alongside many other things—from food to supplements or other medications.

Colloidal Gold and Silver Together

But what about colloidal gold and colloidal silver? Can you take colloidal gold and silver together? Yes! You can take colloidal gold and silver together and get the benefits of each. Let’s look closer at colloidal gold, colloidal silver, and how you can take colloidal gold and silver together.

Taking Colloidal Gold

First, why take colloidal gold? Colloidal gold, in its purest colloidal form, is just nanosized gold particles suspended in water—no ions, no compounds, and no other additives. Gold is largely recognized as edible (obviously, you wouldn’t want to eat something rock like, however!).

But for centuries if not millenia, gold has been recognized as having potential benefits. And colloidal gold, with small, plentiful gold particles is one of the best ways to harness those benefits!

Colloidal gold is reputed to boost the brain (or mind, depending on how you want to look at it). People report improved memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy levels, and more. In addition to possible mental benefits, people take colloidal gold to support joint health, the mind-body connection, and more.

Gold’s half of answering if you can take colloidal gold and silver together is that it’s a very safe substance that shouldn’t interact with colloidal silver. 

Taking Colloidal Silver

Next, why take colloidal silver? Like colloidal gold, colloidal silver is just pure silver nanoparticles suspended in water. Silver is known to have many health benefits, and colloidal silver is a good way to generally harness those potential benefits as a daily supplement, occasional boost, or targetted support.

Colloidal silver supports the immune system, but it’s also known for supporting skin as it heals and more. There are lots of ways to use colloidal silver, and lots of reasons people take colloidal silver every day. 

You can take colloidal gold and silver together—but there’s one exception! People with a silver allergy (like people who react to jewelry made of real silver) should never drink colloidal silver. But that should be it—other than that, you can take colloidal gold and silver together.

Can You Take Colloidal Gold and Silver Together? Tips and More!

While you can take colloidal gold and silver together, it might be a good idea to not literally take them at the same time.

You can take colloidal gold and silver together, one right after the other, but the general recommendation is to take them on an empty stomach, and spreading them out just a few minutes (maybe about 15 minutes for an average size dose) will help them absorb better.

One exception you might make is whenever you suspect you have food poisoning. Then, even if your stomach is full, support your immune system with colloidal silver right away. Keep taking colloidal gold on an empty stomach (but if you don’t, it’s not a big deal).

Not a Medicine—Natural Health Support

Colloidal silver and colloidal gold aren’t medicines, they’re natural health support, supplements, and have historical uses supporting the mind and body. They’ve been used a longtime with almost no reports of negative effects—and that absence of bad reports is one answer to “can you take colloidal gold and silver together?”.

Not only can you take colloidal gold and silver together, but there should be no problem with other supplements, foods, and things you encounter. Just make sure you’re getting true, pure colloidal gold and colloidal silver! And use common sense—harsh medications, including some antibiotics, may be better taken alone (you don’t want to confuse what’s causing what if there’s a problem).

Should You Take Colloidal Gold and Silver Together? Round Out Your Support!

Colloidal gold, used as a daily supplement, may help support the mind. From people who meditate, make, or perform (in sports or in the office) colloidal gold is a natural ally to promote mental balance and wellness, including focus and memory.

Colloidal silver is mainly used as daily support for the immune system—because you just don’t know what will happen next. Everything we eat, breathe, and touch has to be looked at by the immune system—and colloidal silver is good daily support.

You can take colloidal gold and silver together, and support the mind and the body.


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