Exercise is good for the mind and body, and according to a new study, it’s even better when you use your mind to do it. Exercise that requires coordination like learning a new dance routine was shown to improve physical balance as well as brain volume, connectivity, and more.

Being mentally engaged with what you’re doing is good whether you’re moving or sitting on the couch watching TV. Your brain is a use it or lose it sort of deal, and there’s nothing you do that you can’t be tuned in for with your full mind. If you coordinate it with physical movement, especially movement like dance that requires coordination between different sides and parts of the body as well as balance, speed, and more, you can sharpen your mind.

If you’re not physically fit enough to exercise, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Easier, safer exercise that requires memorization (recalling routine, anticipating what comes next) and cross body communication can help keep your mind sharp.

Don’t forget daily support from colloidal gold. Colloidal gold is reported to help support memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, mood, and more. A little each day can help you keep your mind alert all throughout the day.

Don’t forget other activities that help like walking to stimulate creativity, making art, or even socializing. There are lots of ways to exercise your mind, you just have to want to.

With a little bit of colloidal gold to start your day, get some exercise and a brain health boost all at the same time.

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