Boost Your Holiday Energy


Christmas PartyThe end of the year is a busy time, whether you’re shopping for the holidays or just the sales, travelling, cooking, partying, cleaning, decorating, finally taking decorations down…

Make sure you have the energy to enjoy it. Don’t wreck yourself with caffeine, either. With events on consecutive days and many evening events, you don’t want a caffeine crash (Or to be up all night)!

So here’s the healthy, natural solution:

-Set a schedule, and keep it realistic. Stress is exhausting, and a game plan will help you fight worry. It can also make sure that you leave time to sleep, and aren’t lying there thinking of your list—it’s already written down!

-Eat. Add it to your schedule if need be (the shopping, prep, whatever). The sweet caloric high of holiday goodies might make it easy to skip a meal, but your body will suffer and slow and you’ll have a sugar crash later.

-Add a multivitamin to your daily routine. It will make sure your body has all the nutrients needed to perform, so you are at your best for this special time of year.

Still worried about energy? Try these:

CoEnZyme B-Complex. B vitamins boost our metabolism and our energy. CoEnZyme B-complex has the proper ratio of B vitamins for your body, in a readily absorbed form—not just the cheapest ones thrown into an “energy” drink.

MesoGold—it’s reported to help with mental alertness. Because it’s not just your body that can get drained at the end of the year!

How do you stay sane through the busiest time of the year?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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