Underwater Swimmer SHotAmerica is piling up gold medals down in Rio as the 2016 Olympics continue, thanks to our swimmers, divers, and gymnasts (with other events on-going as this is written). What might be more impressive than the amazing physical feats that they are accomplishing (and record smashing) is the mental endurance. It’s not just strong bodies, it’s passion, focus, and clarity that they’ve held strong in their minds for years to get to this point.

Here’s a fun story: while Michael Phelps is wowing everyone in his fourth Olympics and now has over 20 medals (and counting), he didn’t win any medals in his first Olympics. And while everyone else was just impressed that he was there at 15, he was tasting fifth place, and he didn’t like it. Only nine months later (of what I’m sure was focused and intense training) he went on to break the world record in the 200m butterfly.

Most of us are past the age where we could compete in the Olympics, but we can still work to achieve that sort of focus, determination, and to just improve our hand-eye coordination a little. How? With your own gold: our colloidal gold which is reported to improve memory, focus, clarity, hand-eye coordination, and more.

What’s your passion? Whether you’re trying to focus at work, improve at your favorite hobby (from knitting to golf), or just bring more single-minded focus to your life, take some inspiration from the Olympics and put your mind to work. Even a few minutes a day—whether it’s exercising, meditating, or practicing an art—yields big results, and you can make those few minutes count for more with colloidal gold.

So bring the gold home—the colloidal gold. Start getting daily support for focus, memory, mood, and more, and see what you can accomplish!

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