Senior painter looking at a paintingDespite a boom in the aging population, a smaller percentage have dementia, says new research. Improved treatment options for diabetes, heart disease, and other known risk-factors are one factor, another is that there’s more education.

Although there’s mixed studies about it, the correlation with education suggests keeping your brain stimulated, active, and occupied is a big help with either stemming off, compensating for, or preventing dementia like Alzheimer’s.

How can you keep your brain active?

Exercise stimulates blood flow and is strongly correlated with better brain health (and overall health, of course). And, a short walk stimulates the creative sectors of the brain, feeding into any hobbies that are helping keeping your brain sharp.

There’s another way to help support creativity, focus, concentration, and more—colloidal gold. Colloidal gold has even been reported to support hand-eye coordination.

With age, remaining physically and mentally active is critical. Maintaining balance, awareness, and staying sharp during physical exercise means fewer injuries, and exercise means better brain health. A simple routine like supplementing with colloidal gold in the morning and going on a walk in the afternoon, in addition to enough sleep, good nutrition, and more helps keep you going!

Reading, creating, and being social also help stimulate the brain. Use the boost you get from a healthy lifestyle and colloidal gold so you can further whatever interests you, well into old age. Anything that helps you stay active, like keeping it rewarding or trying something new in 2017, research suggests, may help you to stay mentally healthy for years to come.

Start getting a brain boost, for your mood, your focus, and your hand-eye coordination with colloidal gold today.

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