Diabetes Finger PrickOne of the side-effects of diabetes is that it impairs blood flow, including blood flow in the brain. Usually, your brain will direct blood flow to the most active parts, but as symptoms of diabetes develop, blood flow is impaired.

A study followed Type-2 Diabetics for two years, and found marked cognitive decline—participants had a harder time with focus and memory, and just doing simple tasks like bathing and preparing a meal.

It’s probably that this extends to Type-1 Diabetics as well. Without proper insulin regulation, even driving a car can become dangerous.

What to do about it?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Type-2 diabetes is reversible. Start by following all doctors orders to maintain stable blood sugar level. Eating a healthy diet low in processed sugar helps, and will help you to lose weight and get clear of diabetes.

Exercise, too. It not only will help you to lose weight, movement can help with blood flow. Just make sure you follow doctor’s recommendations to avoid injury. If your doctor approves, try yoga—it’s a gentle exercise, and it will get your body moving and blood circulating.

Support your body as it gets healthy, and give your brain a boost. The mind is very use-it-or -lose-it. Once you have insulin support, go ahead and work your brain out with puzzles, strategy games, language exercises, and more. If you’ve been exercising, try something that requires more thought, strategy, or just hand-eye coordination.

Colloidal gold can offer support as you work to improve focus, memory, and hand-eye coordination, to get back to your old self.

What are your thoughts?


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