Tired Woman With CoffeeEarly twilight. A busy schedule. There’s so many reasons, many overlapping, that you can find yourself tired at this time of year.

But when you’re feeling tired and you look for an energy boost, what are you going to get? Calories. A stimulant (hopefully a legal one like caffeine, but it you’re not careful, potentially a banned one—I’m talking about GMC being accused of selling spiked supplements). Nothing.

Or you might end up jittery. Or crashing after an hour or two. Or craving sugar at the same time everyday.

Try tackling the less obvious, often forgotten sources of extra energy.

-Drink a glass of water. If you need a snack, pair it with something salty to help you absorb it (maybe something with protein). This can actually be a faster-acting energy boost than anything else if you’re edging on dehydrated (easy to do in winter).

-Evaluate your sleep patterns. Not just when you sleep, but how well! Stop being tired by fighting it at the source.

-Get a little more Vitamin D. Move yourself outside for a little while (or make sure you’re getting it in your daily multivitamin).

-Or work natural energy support into your daily routine—something that offers overall support, including memory, focus, and hand-eye coordination, like MesoGold.

A natural boost will work better for you, too, if you’re missing energy because you’re cheating at the basic things (not getting enough exercise, sleep, good nutrition, etc.). Cranking yourself to 10 with caffeine and sugar can mess with your sleep in the evening, make working out more daunting because you’re not feeling well, and perpetuate bad food habits as you fill up on sugary energy drinks or energy bars.

Do you have a secret to boosting your energy? Share it in the comments:


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