Focus On Your Swing With Colloidal Gold


Golf ShotIf long summer days mean more time on the greens to you, make sure you maximize your focus, hand-eye coordination and memory (if you’re taking lessons—you have to remember several things at once).

Colloidal gold is reported to improve memory, focus/concentration, and more. Give yourself daily immune support.

When you’re golfing, you need focus. If you’re on the driving range, you want to hone your swing. You don’t want to gradually lose focus, until you’re swinging in wild frustration.

If you’re mind is prone to wandering, work on supporting a zen-like focus. And that takes more than just golf skills—it requires sharpening your brain, like with meditation, and even stretching it in different ways (like when you do counter exercises with your muscles). Reading, word and number puzzles, or even actively creating something (journaling your golf games?) can work-out your brain so it’s stronger and more sharp when you’re on the greens.

You can also sharpen your focus with your diet. Try and limit caffeine to two cups, and eat lots of berries. Blueberries help support grey matter in the brain, and the high antioxidant content of berries helps with inflammation. You can even get a big antioxidant boost with our antioxidant Longevity Formula.

It’s also important to eat light—whole grains lean proteins, and veggies. If you want your golf game to be its best, ignore the cute girl at the beer cart—beer will muddle you.

Colloidal gold is an extra layer of support—try it, and notice the difference. A little every morning to help support focus, concentration and the hand-eye coordination you’ll need to read the wind and the course and time your swing just right.

What are your best golf tips?


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