Looking for inspiration? It may already be swirling in your brain, you just need a gentle push. Spring is the perfect time to grow new ideas. Try these tips to get things started, and boost your brain daily with colloidal gold for more creative support.

If you’re feeling stuck, try a walk. Walking is shown to be one of the most effective ways to get the gears in your brain clinking together. It’s a combination of the stimulating effects of exercise, and a change in scenery (although even a bit of stationery movement triggers brain activity!).

If a regular walk isn’t getting things firing, try a themed walk. Observe the nature, art, or people in your neighborhood. The idea is to slow down, and pick out something you don’t ordinarily notice. The trick is that it becomes a meditative walk, clearing your brain and triggering a free flow of ideas.

You can exercise your brain, too, by trying something new. Brain stimulating puzzles have been around forever and are easy and free/cheap to get for your phone/tablet/whatever. But doing the same one all the time may have you in a rut. Try a different card game, math puzzle, or zen art/coloring, or switch between genres. Or take it offline and actually put pen to paper and fire up some less often used pathways.

If you already know what inspires you, then carve out time for it in your schedule, whether it’s a visit to a scenic place or conversation with an interesting friend. You might be able to make up the time by feeling renewed and stimulated.

Whatever gets your brain steaming down the track, don’t forget you can give it a boost with the daily supplement colloidal gold. Reported to boost multiple brain faculties like memory, mood, creativity, hand-eye coordination, focus, etc., a little colloidal gold everyday can make the difference after a few weeks of use. If you’ve got goals to tackle this spring, bring some clarity to the project (or sport!) with colloidal gold.

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