Colloidal gold is reported to boost your mind, supporting mental acuity, meaning memory, focus, mood, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

But saying something supports your mind doesn’t build a very complete picture. Even if you understand the strength of the link, you probably aren’t thinking about it as you go through your day. We’re more likely to think about mental support when we’re facing something big, a test, a game, an interview, a review, or a presentation. But in our day to day lives, it means enjoying the little things more, not missing a beat, and being more efficient and upbeat.

A sharp mind means our muscles are more controlled. Focus means you’re on task and getting things done (even if it’s just your regular routine). Concentration means your mind is more present, and there are fewer small mistakes. And memory can be something big, or just a bunch of little things added up.

All together, that means being a much more efficient person. The mind impacts the function and quality of work done by your whole body. It’s another layer to the fine-tuning you do in training, whether it’s for sports, eloquence, or something else.

Don’t just try colloidal gold when you need a boost. Get the effect of taking a little everyday for a couple of weeks, and seeing how it impacts your regular life. Every moment should be highlighted by a clear mood, sharp mind, and clear intent and focus. Boost everything at once with mental support from colloidal gold.

Remember when choosing a colloidal gold to always avoid clear, ionic products and instead look for the red-gold color of a true colloid.

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