Get Ready For Warm Weather


If you don’t have a lovely range of mountains in your backyard (like we enjoy in Colorado), there’s a good chance you haven’t had much chance for outdoor sports during the rainy, snowy, cold months of winter. With spring around the corner, it’s time to prepare.

Here’s Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Summer And Avoid Injuries:

  1. Start by making sure you’re stretching regularly. If you’ve been curled up by the fire all winter, your range of motion may have decreased. Gently stretching on a daily or twice daily (when you wake up and as an afternoon pick-me-up) basis can slowly restore flexibility.
  2. Make sure you’re physically fit. If you haven’t scheduled a yearly check-up, now’s a good time to check your heart health with your medical practitioner. Once you get the all clear, start building up your endurance (if you haven’t been indoor training during the winter). Make sure you can take stairs briskly without losing your breath.
  3. Focus on a healthy diet. As you increase physical activity, your body will increase it’s appetite—and if you’re not prepared with healthy snacks and balanced meals, you may find yourself in the pitfall of convenience food that’s greasy, over-sweetened, and full of preservatives and additives. Now’s a good time to add supplements, like a daily multivitamin, Co Q10 to support heart health, and antioxidants to keep inflammation caused by exercise in check.
  4. Don’t forget to keep your brain sharp! Your reflexes can be honed with muscle memory, but brain training can help you prepare for falls and accidents. Perhaps surprisingly, videogames have been shown to be a tool for improving hand-eye coordination, but you can also hit the yard with your favorite ball, frisbee, or game and get some friends involved in honing your skills.
  5. MesoGold can help bring mental focus and clarity to your athletic activities. From golf to water skiing, baseball to biking, focus can help you get more out of your activity.

When do you start preparing for Spring activities, and what’s the best way to prepare?


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