During August, change is in the air. Teachers and students head back to school. Stores start a hard shift toward holiday merchandise. It’s the end days of summer (even if the season doesn’t officially end until September). Don’t let the collective shift (or the late summer heat) derail your focus—stay on top of focus, concentration, and more with colloidal gold!

Colloidal gold is reported to help support the brain so it’s more conducive to being focused, to having good concentration, having a sharper memory, more clarity, and even to extend support to the mind-body connection for better hand-eye coordination, and more.

Why gold? Gold in its non-ionic form is a safe food and supplement—but avoid it’s ionic, clear form, which is a neurotoxin. For the ruling class, gold used to decorate plates, was gilded onto utensils, and garnished important meals. In modern times, science has explored a possible role in the body—using gold in treatments for prostate cancer, joint inflammation/arthritis, and more. ‘

As brain support, the effects of gold are traditionally reported—but you can see for yourself. Try a little colloidal gold as a supplement for a month. Take a little extra before important events, and use it as an aid for your goals.

If you want to improve brain focus and function, make sure to pair colloidal gold with other good habits. Diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and more also have a huge impact on the brain, so you can’t neglect those. You can exercise your brain with meditation—which doesn’t have to be sitting and staring, but can just be cultivating good mental habits.

Don’t let summer’s energy fade away. Keep the energy, focus, and more up with colloidal gold.

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