Flu season, colds, stomach bugs, and more have been everywhere the last few weeks. It can really disrupt your life, especially as taxes become due, work and other obligations pile up, and we help out those around us who are sick, too. While immune support is important right now, so is self-care so we can stay focused and meet our goals.

The best place to start for a boost is colloidal gold. It’s not the jolt and crash of coffee or sugar, it’s brain and body support that may help with energy, mood, focus, memory, clarity, hand-eye coordination and more. A little each morning and in a week or two most people notice a difference. It’s a safer, more steady way to support your brain than many common alternatives (although you may still want coffee for the fun of it!).

Even with colloidal gold in your corner, make sure you’re supporting your brain in all the basic ways. Tuning up your car won’t make a huge difference in performance if you’re driving it “like a rental”, and the same goes for the extra support from colloids. The boost can help you overcome problems, but it isn’t a free pass to intentionally skip the basics like a good night’s rest, healthy brain boosting foods (like blueberries), taking time to destress, and exercising.

If you are trying to break bad habits, it can be motivating to start with a good one like colloidal gold (it’s easier to add something to your day instead of stopping a bad habit or changing yourself). If you already have good habits, colloidal gold can help boost you further.

It’s rough out there right now. Make sure you have daily support from colloidal gold.

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MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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