Shopping CrowdAre you among the rush that will be out looking for deals tonight and tomorrow? Maybe you’re a casual—you go out, and just see what you find. Maybe you’ve been researching for weeks, you know what you want, you know where to find it, and you know how much you’ll pay. (Or maybe you’re a smartie-pants and you’re waiting for Cyber Monday—hint hint, be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter and remember to check Monday!).

If you’re going out, be prepared to stay safe and healthy!

First, keep your head up in crowds.

Before Cyber Monday took off, every year Black Friday would literally have a few casualties—mostly people getting trampled. While it’s unlikely, here’s how to stay safe in a Black Friday mob:

Prepare: Make sure you’re familiar with the store. Where are the exits? Alcoves you can take shelter in?

-Make sure your purse/wallet is in a secure location so you can’t be easily pick-pocketed.

-If things start getting intense, stay calm. Don’t add your emotions to the mix, make sure you’re ready to think clearly. (Better take some colloidal gold before heading out!)

-Stick Together: lock arms with your shopping buddies, and hold any small children (better: leave them at home). Move slowly through the crowd.

-Calmly move to the outside of the crowd and away. Don’t fight for a deal—it’s not worth getting hurt, hurting others, or worse.

-Don’t be a hero—trying to help someone who’s fallen can get you both hurt. You might try and stand over them, but don’t bend over to help them up.

Next, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Wear layers so you don’t freeze standing outside in a line, and so you can take them off and avoid overheating once inside. Bring a water bottle so you stay hydrated.

Finally, beware that shopping this weekends will mean lots of people. Crowds are great places to pick up colds and the flu.

Support your immune system before and after your outing with a little extra colloidal silver. Make sure you get enough sleep (especially if you’ll be up all night waiting in line for deals!). And for once, I don’t have to remind you to eat a nutritious meal (because turkey and squash will take care of that!).

Remember—you can always cuddle in front of the fire this weekend and score great deals on Cyber Monday! We’ve got something great prepared—so bookmark in a folder marked “check Monday!”.

What are you hoping to score this weekend?


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