Idea GirlIf it feels like summer is flying by, maybe it’s time to slow down and focus—make each game of golf count, stay alert when you’re out in nature, stop thinking ahead to fall, or just stop and notice all the teeming life we walk past every day.

While you can start by getting enough sleep, eating right, and staying active, don’t miss out to boost your clarity, focus, mood, and energy this summer with colloidal gold.

Summer is a bustle of activity. The days may be longer, but there’s a lot of activities that can only be done during this time of year, and a bunch more (like yard work) that come along with it. You don’t have to slow down to enjoy it, you just have to focus so you can take it all in.

Colloidal gold is reported to help with that—focus throughout your day, on a project, or just tune up your hand-eye coordination, creativity, memory, mood, and more.

If you’re boosting your creativity with walks, supporting your brain matter with berries, and spending time on brain-strengthening puzzles, you should be getting some daily support from colloidal gold, too!

Use colloidal gold as support for practicing your skills, staying clear and sharp during important events, or just making each day a clearer memory with a better mood and better mind-body coordination.

What is colloidal gold? Colloidal gold is a suspension of pure nano gold in pure water. What it’s not is ionic gold, which is toxic. You can tell at a glance when you are shopping for colloids by the color. With colloidal gold, a rosy-gold light is reflected. Paired with a high concentration, you can get a dark red color. Clear “colloidal” gold or silver are actually solutions, or in other words, they’re made up of ionic particles.

In addition to boosting mental acuity, colloidal gold supports other aspects of health, most notably joints. Get your daily boost then get out and get more from your day!

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