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Colloidal Silver is well-known as immune support, skin support, sinus support, and more… but what about colloidal gold? What are colloidal gold health benefits?

People take colloidal gold to support their minds, their mind-body connection, and yes, even their bodies.

Let’s look at what people think are the various colloidal gold health benefits.

What is Colloidal Gold?

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The basics of what is colloidal gold are that it’s just pure nano-sized gold particles suspended in pure water—no proteins, ions, or other bad additives.

But let’s get deeper—why did people come up with the idea to use colloidal gold for health benefits?

It’s an association that’s old and deeper than the showiness of gold—people have found a correlation between their health and wearing gold, eating off gold, and even just eating gold (gold leaf, for example). Colloidal gold is sort of a supplement form of gold—it delivers just gold nanoparticles, which is thought to be how gold was giving off benefits (by shedding those nanoparticles over time).

While pure gold is considered food safe, are there colloidal gold health benefits? 

What do People Think are Colloidal Gold Health Benefits?

The main thought behind possible colloidal gold health benefits is that it’s supporting the mind, possibly in some way that encourages things to work quickly and properly.

People who take the colloidal gold report that their memory improves, as well as their focus and concentration, overall energy levels, mood, and more.

Why do People Take Colloidal Gold?

Because people continue to experience what they attribute to being colloidal gold health benefits, they keep taking colloidal gold as a daily supplement, or sometimes as a boost to support bigger moments in their lives.

Aging, trouble thinking, and focusing, and more are reasons people give colloidal gold a try, but results are why people keep taking colloidal gold.

Possible Colloidal Gold Health Benefits: The Mind

We’ve already listed off the attributed colloidal gold health benefits for the mind—better mood, energy, focus, memory, and more—but let’s look a little deeper about how they appear and how colloidal gold is used.

Unlike caffeine or other stimulants, colloidal gold gives a slower, steadier level of support for mood and energy. People pair it with meditation, art, or use it to hone their minds for sports like golf, tennis, and soccer.

Possible Colloidal Gold Health Benefits: Joints and Arthritis

There may be evidence that gold supports joint health, especially arthritic joint health. Gold may have anti-inflammatory properties, and given that it doesn’t interact with medications, other supplements, or have bad side-effects, many find that it’s an excellent additional layer of joint support. For some, colloidal gold health benefits are focused on the mind, but on the body.

Possible Colloidal Gold Health Benefits: The Prostate

There’s been some evidence that colloidal gold may support prostate health, and it’s something that modern medicine has been exploring for over 70 years.

With lots of studies, it’s no wonder that such a simple, available to anyone supplement has become popular for those looking to support their prostate health. Men are never too young to add such a simple care step to their routine!

Do You Need Colloidal Gold Health Benefits?

Everyone could benefit from the mental support that colloidal gold offers, but those who most enjoy colloidal gold health benefits are those who are working to improve their health in other ways. Taking a little colloidal gold every day as a part of your health routine and paying attention to the results is the best way to notice colloidal gold health benefits.

Colloidal gold health benefits have been known for centuries—it might be the missing piece of your health support! Try out colloidal gold health benefits for yourself—will you notice a brain boost?


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