Colloidal Silver: Killing Pathogens For Over 100 Years


You may be aware about a debate that rages: is colloidal silver safe? Is nano silver? Is it safe for the environment? Natural medicine advocates insist that it is, while its (much richer) opponents try and cast doubt. Fortunately, environmentalists are beginning to weigh in with evidence and research in support of colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to prevent bacterial growth in food and water, and in the early twentieth century American medicine explored the various potential health benefits of silver. Colloidal silver became less popular when antibiotics were invented in the early forties, since antibiotics were cheaper (at the time). In 1954 colloidal silver was officially registered as biocidal (meaning it’s a natural antibacterial, natural antimicrobial, and natural antifungal agent).

Besides some small environmental studies (which could use more research/tests), and incidents of argyria (a blue discoloration of the skin), there aren’t any studies that have found negative consequences for the use of colloidal silver, either in products or as a dietary supplement. (Most cases of argyria occured in the 1930’s, and involve mass quantities of large silver compounds, while modern high-profile incidents have generally been caused by silver home generators.)

Despite this history, and lack of evidence to the contrary, the (biased) opponents of colloidal silver, or nano silver, as it is more often called today, want to consider it a danger, simply because they can use the name change to classify its effects as “unknown”.

Fortunately, environmentalists, who are a slightly more neutral component to the colloidal silver/nano silver debate, have been conducting studies and research and throwing them into the debate, on the side that there is little evidence with regard to the danger of colloidal silver/nano silver (tests find human use safe) and that more environment themed tests should be done with regard to the environmental effects of nano silver in particular.

Why is this debate important? Besides the threat to your right to make informed decisions about your health, colloidal silver/nano silver has many important uses, including as a water filters (which can be used in third world countries).

What have you heard with regard to nano silver particles? Share more information in the comments, or just give your oppinion!


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