4 More Things To Do With Smelly Shoe Spray


Man With Laundry BasketWe love having Smelly Shoe Spray around the house—it does so much more than its name!

Smelly Shoe Spray is perfect for camping equipment, pet beds, laundry baskets, suitcases, and I’m always finding more uses.

When you’re surrounded by a few feet of snow, for instance, and your house is sealed up tight to keep the snow out, having something extra keep the smell out of the trash can becomes pretty imperative—not just masking it, but killing it!

You can line the bottom of your trashcan with a thin layer of baking soda (or even kitty litter—especially if your bags leak) but if you’re going to throw away something like broccoli stems or other plant refuse, a spritz of Smelly Shoe Spray until you can get it out makes all the difference.

And when the snow clears, it will be time to think about spring and rotating out your cold weather clothes for some warmer ones. Even if you’re just shuffling placement within your closet, you probably have a small pile of clothes that won’t be used for half a year. Cedar and mothballs are a great way to keep things fresh and safe. I’ve also found that selective use of Smelly Shoe Spray helps, too. Not spraying clothes, but refreshing other things—any and all shoes that live in your closet, workout clothes (even washed, they get far more wear and tear, and your laundry machine might not completely remove germs). And if you have a laundry basket that lives in your closet? Hit that with a burst or two of Smelly Shoe Spray every time it gets emptied.

Pets? Kids? A busy life? Your rugs could probably use a hand. There are lots of ways to clean rugs, from steam cleaning, to dry cleaning, to other professional methods—as well as numerous home methods that just require a spot test to ensure they won’t stain, including Smelly Shoe Spray. If your dog or cat has a favorite spot, or there’s just one really unlucky spot—you probably want more than periodic cleaning. Start with a spot test, than kick out chronic odors.

And use it around the bathroom. Freshen up a shower curtain, those rugs, or anywhere else you think harbors odor.

Fight odors around your house with Smelly Shoe Spray (and remember to always do a spot-check on beloved fabrics). It’s got an immediate fresh peppermint burst, and odor fighting colloidal silver.

Share your new found uses for Smelly Shoe Spray with us in the comments:


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