What might be one of the worst Ebola outbreaks ever is predicted to last at least another six months, which means at least six more months of possibility that it could go international again.

The current Ebola outbreak has been a struggle to get under any sort of control, and aid workers have had to pull back, so things are getting worse, not better. On top of the ongoing violent conflict, mobile population, dense population, and nearby borders, they’ve recently realized that small health centers are also spreading the outbreak.

In addition to the 6+ more months of barely controlled Ebola, there’s a high probability that it will cross borders to nearby countries.

As a reminder, Ebola is incredibly virulent. Health workers, even with maximum protection, are at a high risk of getting it themselves. The death rate is above 50% even with prompt treatment. It spreads easily—when Ebola went international a few years ago, containing it required cleaning not just things patients came in intimate contact with, but the streets outside their homes. Survivors continue to carry the virus in their eyes and genitals for months (if not forever). Another worldwide scare is just a plane ride away.

For now, it’s just something to keep an eye on. If you’re having an international adventure, check the region your visiting (and where they often have visitors from), and plan accordingly. Pack some immune support, like colloidal silver. Even if you don’t encounter someone carrying Ebola, airports and airplanes are a great source of contagion all on their own!

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