6 Ways To Support Your Immune System At Work


Coffee At OfficeJust because you’re at work, with deadlines, meetings, and coughing coworkers, doesn’t mean you can’t support your immune system.

Here are 6 ways you can keep your immune system strong throughout the work day:

1) Plan what you’ll eat. Bring a simple, healthy snack (cut up veggies, crackers, fresh fruit), and make sure you take a timeout or lunch—you’re entitled to it.

2) Take short breaks to stretch at least once an hour. A trip to the bathroom, the printer, get a cup of tea, anything to get your blood moving a bit. No where to go? Do a few simple stretches at your desk. And don’t feel bad—it will actually help your focus and productivity!

3) Don’t wait for a break to think about your body. Make sure that you’re standing or sitting with good posture, from your back to your wrists and neck. It will save you problems down the road, and once you’re in the habit, it will be second nature. (And there’s a good chance you’ll sleep better tonight!).

4) Sitting still is overrated. Studies have found that people who fidget are more likely to be a healthy weight—so focus that energy into something useful, like a hand strengthening ball, a foot roller, or tightening then releasing various muscles.

5) Don’t go overboard with sugar or caffeine. They’re a great cheat to get through the day, but they’ll ruin your appetite, your figure, and your slumber. Keep caffeine to before 2pm, and try protein as an afternoon pick-me-up instead of more coffee or a cake.

6) Finally, keep natural immune support on hand. That way if you start feeling sick at work, you’re ready to offer immediate support to yourself.

What are your little work secrets to staying healthy?


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