A few weeks ago, researchers tracking the flu predicted a second wave of flu this season as we had yet to see Flu A hit its peak (and holiday travel helps to spread flu). Now we’re maybe seeing the peak as states report a surge in flu cases. Make sure to keep supporting your immune system with colloidal silver and other good habits into the New Year!

Some states are reporting surges in reported cases of the flu as well as hospitalizations. This may be the Influenza Type A Peak that was predicted before the holidays. Last year was a unique double flu season, with a big peak in the fall and another in the spring, because of multiple circulating flu strains. Because of that still unexplained occurrence, flu season patterns are being scrutinized more carefully now. As far as the flu shot goes, it may match up to one, some, or none of the flu strains circulating in a given year, so everyone needs to be on top of self-care and flu prevention.

Flu hits hard and fast. Taking care of yourself can mean not getting it, or it could just mean shorter, milder symptoms (remember that severe symptoms can cause hospitalization), or can cause secondary problems including a cardiac event.

A strong immune system helps your body fight off the flu. A strong immune system is a culmination of supporting your immune system with self-care (sleeping enough, eating well, exercising…), not weakening your immune system (alcohol, stress, processed foods and sugar) and supplementing with extra support like colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is a daily supplement for immune support, or it can be an occasional supplement for an immune boost. You can use it in your sinuses, or in your nebulizer.

Flu season end sometime between March and June. Keep up the immune support with colloidal silver.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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