If you think you’re safe from the flu until at least October… think again. Florida is already seeing a surge of flu patients, although it hasn’t been long enough for them to declare an official start to flu season.

Whether you’re traveling or just out in your community, start preparing for the flu now.

It isn’t just flu circulating, doctors are seeing other cases of respiratory illness come in too—but the flu is the one that will really knock you out. Everything is compared to the flu (“flu like symptoms”) because they’re so strong, so everyone who’s had the flu really know the symptoms of being sick with a virus (better than they want!). Flu symptoms include: fever, body aches, malaise (not being up for more than rest), and coughing. You can tell the difference between influenza and other viral respiratory infections because the flu will come on fast and knock you out (whereas you might have some warning about getting sick with a cold—when you’re “coming down with something” a few days prior).

The best way to prevent the flu is thorough and frequent hand washing. Not just at normal intervals like after the bathroom and before cooking/eating, but after being out, and especially after social gatherings (this can help prevent spreading dog flu, too). And just as a brush up: proper hand washing lasts 20 seconds (sing your favorite nursery rhyme) and thoroughly covers the hands, and even goes up the arms a bit.

You can also help prevent flu by increasing the humidity in your home or office with a humidifier, which slows flu transmission.

And don’t forget to support your immune system with colloidal silver. It’s supposed to be a long flu season. If it follows Australia’s again, it might be mild, but some experts are predicting another severe year. Be prepared with extra support from colloidal silver.

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