Flowers and PollenThe long harsh winter is expected to cause a shorter, but more intense allergy season, and some areas are already getting reports from allergy sufferers. In fact, this years allergy season may be bad enough to cause symptoms in people who normally don’t suffer from allergies!

Fighting back against allergy symptoms!

Keep your air filters clean, and windows shut when allergens are high. Keep allergens out of your home by changing clothes when you come in from outdoor activities and vacuuming frequently. Wear long hair up when outside to minimize surface area for allergens to cling to, and to later keep those allergens away from your nose, mouth, and eyes! (Similarly, shorter beards can reduce allergen exposure!)

Plan to avoid allergens. Watch the pollen count each day (and factor that against wind, which spreads pollen), avoid being outside during lawn mowing time (early morning in general has more allergens in the air), and plant your own yard with plants that release less pollen. Flowering trees are actually less likely to spread pollen than non-flowering trees, for instance.

Leave gardening to someone who someone who doesn’t have allergies, or hire out to a service.

Use sinus rinses and floods to cut back on mucus. A runny nose can irritate your throat and even lungs, clogs create breeding grounds for germs—keeping things clear helps prevent a secondary illness like sinus infections, pneumonia, and more! (More tips on fighting off compounded allergy problems here!).

While there’s a plethora of medications to manage symptoms, there’s a trade-off to be made for the side-effects they cause, like drowsiness.

Are you fighting allergies yet?


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