Bumble Bee On FlowerIf you are prone to allergies, this is a horrible time of year for you. People who are sensitive to pollen and other allergens tend to also be more sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity—and are more likely to suffer from cold and flu.

That means that right now, not only are sprouting and blooming plants triggering allergy and asthma symptoms, but as the weather warms up you’re at an increased risk for cold and flu before winter is finally gone and summer arrives. And you could be suffering all these symptoms at once!

Reduce Allergy Symptoms And Prevent Cold And Flu:

-Now’s the time of year to clean air ducts and change filters. Launder/Vacuum your curtains and upholstery, and generally reduce allergens in your home.

-Set your thermostat to something moderate—you don’t want to create an extreme temperature dynamic that hits you when you leave your house.

-Wear layers. Here in Colorado, we can go from bright summer weather to sharp wind and heavy downpour in a day. Make sure you’ll be comfortable all day long, especially if you’ll be outside.

-Support your immune system. Adding colloidal silver to your vitamin regimen can help support it against this time of year’s onslaught.

-Don’t skimp on general health precautions: eat, sleep, de-stress. This will also help your immune system.

-Finally, check to see if your state is on the AAFA‘s list of asthma capitols.

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