MosquitosA patient in Haiti has tested positive for the Mayaro virus, a relative of CHIK-V (Chickungunya).

While one case doesn’t make an outbreak, at this point there’s a pretty clear pattern happening with tropical viruses and mosquitoes! It’s entirely feasible that there are others with this virus—since symptoms resemble CHIK-V, for which there’s no cure, just care for those ill (same for the other tropical mosquito viruses), there’d be no reason to test everyone with those symptoms to confirm CHIK-V and not something else.

The good news/bad news: since it’s so similar to CHIK-V, most people will be fine after a few days of symptoms (fever, aches/pains, viral rashes), but, if it’s like the other tropical viruses, it likely has the same problem when you get more than one infection (one and then another later), and that’s much more severe symptoms (also why vaccines aren’t working). Mayaro is also a little different in that it causes abdominal pains and joint pain (likely joint inflammation) can last a little longer. Like the other viruses, it’s to be expected that people with weakened immune systems have longer and more severe infections.

What can you do? Reconsider travel plans to warmer regions of the globe. If you live near tropical mosquitoes, make your own home inhospitable (use air conditioning if you can, choose a couple of mosquito control methods for your bedroom and other main rooms). Consider getting some extra daily immune support, like colloidal silver, for when the next virus sweeps through. Things aren’t trending in a good direction, and state governments are embarrassing themselves in their clown-like attempts at mosquito control (but that’s another issue).

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