The more you take antibiotics, the more you kill off the diversity of your protective good bacteria, and a new study suggests that doing so will later increase your risk of developing pre-cancerous bowel polyps.

The study didn’t look at how many polyps went on to become cancer, and correlation isn’t definitive causation. But numerous studies are finding that probiotics are central to all aspects of health, so of course they’re central to gut health, too!

Don’t give up on antibiotics, though. They can still be a useful tool.

To start, just try to avoid over-using antibiotics. Most doctor’s offices offer nurse hotlines to save you a trip in, and can figure out if what’s bothering your is more likely bacterial/viral, and whether it’s worth a trip in. Not pushing doctors for a visit for every ailment helps take the pressure off for them to prescribe antibiotics as a cure all. Many common illnesses like cold, flu, and sinus flood are viral, not bacterial, and the only thing you can do is rest, drink clear fluid, and ride it out.

When you do need antibiotics, make sure to follow the directions. Not taking all the recommended pills leaves super bacteria behind, which can lead to recurrent illness. You can also help keep your gut bacteria diverse by taking a probiotic supplement (like Flora MGR) or working more probiotics into your day. You can also use colloidal silver to support your immune system before you get to antibiotics.

Keeping your gut healthy with lots of added good bacteria may help with all sorts of health issues, if current research is correct. Don’t wait for more evidence to pile up about how critically important probiotics are, start getting the benefits of more good bacteria today.

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