Contact Lens Man1 in 3 contact wearers admit to making at least one mistake that could put their eye health in danger (and how many aren’t admitting to their bad habits?).

What kind of mistakes? The kind that save you time when you’re getting ready in the morning or trying to get to bed at night.

-Do you change out your contact solution by dumping it in the sink after you put in your contacts? Apparently one of the most common mistakes is just topping it off. Contact solution doesn’t just keep your contacts moist, it cleans them. You wouldn’t use brown, cloudy mop water on your floors—don’t re-use your contact solution.

-In fact, you’re supposed to wash and dry your contact case every morning, and turn it upside down to dry out. Ever three months, get a new case (and, while we’re at it, toothbrush!).

-And don’t sleep in your contacts (unless they were made for it, but you should still try to minimize it).

-In fact, make sure you take your contacts out before swimming or showering. (Why? It ups your risk for a parasite infection).

-Make sure to change your contacts on schedule—the plastic will start to degrade and make things fuzzy, at the least.

-And most basic of all: wash your hands before touching your eyes.

Find some of these habits hard to start/break? I know that I’ve never washed out my case (though I replace it!), and I’ve got the bad habit of messing with my contacts as they dry out during the day. Here’s some ways to mitigate the risk:

-Infection is one of the bigger risk. Keep your immune system strong with colloidal silver (eyes getting a little pink? Spray your contact case.)

-Follow as many recommendations as you can, and be sure to see an eye doctor regularly (and be honest about your habits—they can suggest a contact lens that will be safer for you).

-Try and wash your hands often throughout the day (a study says at least 10 times means fewer colds and doctor visits). The next time you touch your face without thinking, your hands will at least be clean.

Do you have bad habits?


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