Communities everywhere are issuing warnings: there’s a tick-boom this year, and with that comes more tick borne illness. (And more need for immune support from colloidal silver).

It’s not just Lyme Disease. Serious cases of things like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are also turning up—and you don’t even have to leave your own backyard to be at risk!

If you’re a nature enthusiast, whether that means living near a wooded area or hiking into nature, you probably know some basics about tick safety. But that’s no longer enough. The combination of the explosion of people (and expansion of housing into nature) and explosion of ticks means that everyone needs to know the basics of tick safety!

You are at risk bites for as little as:
-Mowing tall grass
-Having outdoor dogs and cats
-Having wild animals (like deer or mice) pass through your yard

…in addition to actively spending time in nature where tall grass, heavy brush, and wild animals are everywhere.

Ticks can be as small as a poppy seed, so while it’s good to regularly perform tick checks on yourself and pets after being outside, know that most people who get a tick borne illness won’t remember being bit. Tick bites aren’t itchy like mosquito bites, and only about half of Lyme Diseases cases leave the tell-tale red bullseye rash.

Rural residents of tick heavy areas are used to the routine of wiping ticks off before coming indoors, removing ticks that have bit in, and watching for symptoms. For everyone else, do a tick check, remove any biters as simply as possible (straight out from the base using tweezers—no tricks like vaseline or fire, which can cause the tick to release any pathogens it carries!), and watch for symptoms like lethargy and fever.

The hardest part of the tick boom will be getting medical treatment. With ticks booming in new areas and new tick-borne illnesses appearing and spreading, doctors aren’t thinking in terms of ticks, so patient advocacy is a must.

If you’re not sure about implementing prevention, sleep better at night knowing you have an extra layer of defense from immune supporting colloidal silver. You never know when a tick will bite, or what it’s carrying—so have a little extra preparation!

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