Caribbean…Pack insect repellent, and a few long sleeve shirts (linen breathes well in the heat).

Another disease has landed in the Americas. The CDC is warning Caribbean vacationers to avoid mosquito bites, which are the source of transmission.

Called chikungunya, it causes fatigue, rash, nausea, joint pain, and a few other possible symptoms like eye infection, headache, and loss of taste.

Most people experience symptoms a day or two after exposure, then are intensely sick for a few days, then are fine. A few (usually those with weakened immune systems, like older folks,) are more prone to lingering joint pain.

Only ten cases have been reported so far, but with crowds traveling over the holiday, it’s worth a mention. You should always look ino local diseases when traveling as part of your preparation—yellow fever is in the Americas now as well, and tuberculosis outbreaks aren’t well reported but are more common to humid areas.

In addition to your bug repellent and covering clothes, throw a couple bottles of MesoSilver in with your toiletries, and happy traveling!

Any holiday vacationers?


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