It’s time to prepare for the start of cold and flu season again. The CDC is predicting another early start to flu season, and advising everyone to get their flu shots now. The good news is that, while the flu can be unpredictable, signs point to a mild flu season. If you want to prepare for cold and flu season with natural support, now’s the time to stock up on colloidal silver.

If you’re considering the flu shot, the upside is that getting a shot now means it will have time to kick in (it needs about two week to take effect); the downside is that if flu season runs long, it may not last for the full time (in fact, the CDC recommends people in high risk jobs, like doctors, get a booster). Also worth considering is that the flu shot is only about 60-70% effective for young, healthy adults, when they get the flu strains right. Last year wasn’t just a severe flu season, the flu shot was a bust due to a mutation during production.

In addition (or alternatively) to getting a flu shot, you can prepare for flu season with some standard prevention like keeping a humidifier running to decrease transmission, washing your hands frequently, and being cautious about travel or going around travelers.

Good flu prevention includes keeping your immune system strong so that you’re less likely to get sick, have severe symptoms, or a long flu duration. Simple self-care like getting enough sleep and eating lots of fruits and vegetables can keep you strong and prepared (no one wants to get smacked with the flu after pulling an all-nighter!). You can also add natural support with colloidal silver, which supports the immune system. Use it as daily support, or pull it out for a boost at the first sign of illness.

These days, viruses, including the flu, are getting around more—more viruses, more illnesses, and a longer season of sickness. Be prepared for the times we’re living in with extra immune support from colloidal silver.

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