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If you’re planning a tropical vacation—even just a domestic one to Florida or Hawaii—check the local news for your destination before you go. Tropical illnesses are everywhere, and easily spread through modern travel (Zika mosquitoes have been known to hitchhike in suitcases). And even a little further north in cooler climates, be aware: many areas have been trapping mosquitoes that test positive for West Nile Virus. You can prepare yourself with bug spray, natural repellents (many popular plant scents repel bugs), covering clothing, and immune support with colloidal silver.

There’s a Dengue Outbreak in the Philippines right now. There are often outbreaks of Dengue and its tropical cousins Yellow Fever, Chik-V, and Zika throughout the Pacific—the mosquitoes carrying the diseases are carried by the frequent travel throughout the region. We don’t often hear about outbreak on small islands and in areas less associated with the US until the outbreak spreads somewhere like Hawaii, but it’s all there, simmering in our own backyard.

Luckily, prevention is possible. In Hawaii for instance, mosquitoes are actively managed—the biggest risk is going deep into pockets of nature where interventions don’t reach. Knowing to treat mosquitoes as more than an inconvenience and take extra steps is most of the battle.

If you do catch a tropical virus, it’s hydrate, rest, and wait. The first one you catch often doesn’t have severe symptoms, you just need to plan time to care for yourself. You can support your immune system (which is always great when traveling, especially by plane) with colloidal silver.


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